Secure Document Sharing Solutions

From financials and emails shared with colleagues across the office to customer data intellectual property, data and more shared with partners across the globe – secure document sharing solutions are at the heart of modern businesses. The shift to digital work has replaced papers with digital files whiteboards that are backed by business productivity software and email with online collaboration tools that link entire teams from anywhere.

File encryption during transit and at rest auditing capabilities, streamlined processes and cloud storage are the hallmarks of secure document sharing solutions that can safeguard sensitive data from hackers while enabling users to share information on any device at anytime. Secure document storage solutions must allow organizations the flexibility to manage user access rights and grant access granularly for different durations to specific individuals or group members.

A reliable solution can protect against unauthorized access to confidential information by requiring password requirements, two-factor authentication (2FA) as well as the use of strong passwords. Some systems also can automatically create and transmit a unique password to users who are new or re-set passwords for existing passwords to make sure they remain secure from hackers.

TitanFile’s client portal is powerful and offers unlimited online storage and a scalable solution for sharing documents with your team. Our HIPAAand FINRA-compliant business file sharing sync, backup, and sync solution is a combination of encryption while in transit and at rest, with robust auditing capabilities for complete peace of mind. Start your free look at this site trial today!

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